In 2023, we celebrate the resilience of Canada’s caregiver professions, which employs 19% of the nation’s workforce, approximately 3 million people. A testament to Canada’s compassionate spirit, 25% of our population actively provides care for others.


Despite the pandemic, care occupations demonstrated impressive stability. In January 2021, care worker employment decreased by only 0.3% from February 2020, compared to a 5.9% decrease in non-care occupations. By March 2021, care employment showed a 2.2% growth compared to February 2020.


Evergreen College is committed to preparing passionate individuals for these rewarding careers. Our Personal Support Worker (PSW), Developmental Service Worker (DSW), Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) programs have seen significant enrolment, offering clear career pathways and opportunities to connect with employer partners.


With Evergreen College, you are set to make a difference. Our PSW and DSW programs are designed to prepare you to provide meaningful support to individuals in various settings, from long-term care facilities to community-living situations.


Our alumni validate the success of our programs. PSW graduate Jeanelyn Paran shares, “The whole program was very memorable for me. I am very grateful that I chose Evergreen College, our teachers were great, and the staff was very accommodating.”


Inspired to contribute to your community? Join Evergreen College, and let’s shape a better future, one care journey at a time.

Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at and fill out the Request Form to ENROLL NOW!

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