Canada is aging rapidly and at record rates, according to data from Statistics Canada. A historic high of 21.8% of the working population (ages 15–64) is nearing retirement. The aging population presents challenges and opportunities for the labour market.


Despite this trend, Canada maintains higher percentages of people aged 15–64 among other G7 countries. The working-age population in Canada is currently at 64.8%, which aligns closely with the United States and surpasses Japan, where less than 60% fall into this category.


The senior population surged 18.3% from 2016 to 2021, reaching 7 million. This group now makes up one in five Canadians (19%). They are growing in number but also in their influence and remain more active than ever before. This shift is attributed to factors such as an increased life expectancy.


The number of Canadians aged 85 and older has doubled since 2001 and is projected to triple by 2046. On the flip side, the number of children under 15 is growing six times slower than the senior population, totaling 6 million.


These trends highlight a future in which we will need to prepare the next generation of professionals to meet the evolving needs of our healthcare. Our programs, such as Medical Office Administrator, Pharmacy Assistant, Personal Support Worker, and Clinical Research, are designed to prepare students to enter these vital sectors.


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